Bialetti - New Brikka, Moka Pot, the Only Stovetop Coffee Maker Capable of Producing a Crema-Rich Espresso, 2 Cups (3.38 Oz), Aluminum and Black

By Bialetti

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Product Description

Bialetti Brikka is a unique coffeemaker that makes an intense espresso coffee, with a delicious crema on the top. Crema-rich coffee, more intense taste: the new technology with silicone membrane, combined with the characteristics of the Moka, gives a full-bodied, intense coffee with a persistent crema, just like at an Italian coffee shop. Bialetti Brikka is Made in Europe by Bialetti, the inventor of the original Moka pot, and recognizable by the one and only the gentleman with moustache gracing it. The easiest way to prepare coffee: To have a crema-rich coffee use the measuring cup inside the package to fill the heater with water: sizes: 2-cup fill 4oz, 4-cup fill 6.1oz, put the filter back in place and fill it up with ground coffee. Close the Bialetti Brikka pot firmly and place it on the stove. As soon as your Bialetti Brikka pot starts to gurgle, turn off the fire and coffee will be ready. The right number of espresso cups: Coffee can be enjoyed in Espresso Cups or in larger containers: for example, a 4-cup Brikka will fill a 5,7 Oz. mug Bialetti Brikka is available in 2 sizes: 2-cup 3,4 oz espresso, 4-cup 5,7 oz espresso. Cleaning instructions: Your Bialetti Brikka must only be cleaned by rinsing every component with simple water. Do not use any detergent nor put it in the dishwasher, as it damages the product and the taste of your coffee. A perfect pairing: Bialetti Perfetto Moka is the perfect ground coffee for stovetop Coffee Makers. Perfetto Moka ground coffee is the perfect companion for Bialetti Brikka pot. Discover all the Bialetti blends, each with its unique taste but all specifically designed for a perfect Italian Espresso extraction. Perfetto Moka is also Made in Italy. Take your Bialetti Brikka with you everywhere you go: At home or outdoor, while camping or enjoying beach time, Bialetti Brikka is the ideal solution for those who love to bring the taste of coffee-shop everywhere; Bialetti Brikka works with most portable stoves or cooktops.

Product Features

  • Thick Crema for a rich espresso: Bialetti Brikka is the only stovetop coffeemaker delivering an intense and crema-rich espresso coffee, with an unmistakable intense flavor
  • New Bialetti Brikka is Made in Europe by Bialetti, the inventor of the original Moka pot and recognizable by the one and only the gentleman with moustache​ gracing it
  • The easiest way to prepare coffee: use the measuring cup, fill the boiler with water, put the filter back, add coffee, close the pot and place on the stove, until start to gurgle then turn the fire off and wait for the coffee to be fully extracted
  • The right number of espresso cups: coffee can be enjoyed in espresso cups or in larger containers, Brikka is available in 2 sizes 2-cup 3,4 oz espresso and 4 cup 5,7 oz espresso
  • Fire it up: Brikka pot is suitable for gas cooktops, electric stove top and propane camping stoves, if you have an induction cooktop at home, you will need to buy the Bialetti adaptor plate for induction (sold separately)

Product Information

  • Model Number: 0007312NP
  • Dimension: 5.51 x 3.94 x 6.69 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.15 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1.15 pounds
  • Origin: Made in Romania
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