Calphalon One Infused Anodized 9-Inch Chef's Skillet with Lid

By Calphalon

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Product Description
This exciting hybrid combines qualities of both traditional metal and non-stick cooking surfaces. Now not only can you brown, sear, and reduce sauces as the recipe intended, but you can also breathe a sigh of relief as you won't have a battle removing food and stains from the pan following use. How did this happen you ask? CALPHALON ONE INFUSED ANODIZED is manufactured with a revolutionary anodization process. Both interior and exterior surfaces are infused with an advanced release polymer which actually penetrates below the surface of the metal, into its very pores, offering superb durability and versatility. The intrinsic properties of aluminum ensure fast and even heating, as you've come to expect from Calphalon. Brown and saute with the lid off, or simmer with it on. This very useful piece might be used for cooking meats, seafood, or vegetables. The curved sides facilitate stirring and tossing.
  • 9-inch chef's skillet combines qualities of traditional metal and nonstick cooking surfaces
  • Advanced release polymer penetrates pores of metal so that food sears and releases easily
  • Stain resistant; compatible with gas, electric, ceramic stovetops; safe in oven and broiler
  • Brushed stainless lid; stainless-steel ergonomic handle stays cool; made in USA
  • Safe with metal, wood, and plastic utensils; lifetime warranty

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