Vinaroz 11-Inch Cast Aluminum Fry Pan, Yellow Die

By Vinaroz

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Product Description

Vinaroz 11-inch yellow die cast aluminum fry pan with ceramic coating comes with a vent which allows steam to escape, which helps address boiling over/lid rattling issue and also provides more visibility in the event of glass lids, allows the pan/pot to breathe even when stored with lid intact. The handles on our frying pan and the wok are bakelite with silicone handles for your convenience to stay cool during cooking, always keep potholders handy to prevent burning your hand on a handle. The ceramic coating is a 100-percent natural ceramic powder that has similar non-stick properties to teflon. Ceramic can withstand temperatures up to 850-degree in quality. The pot and pan are sprayed with silicon paint for the exterior. They offer such effective heat distribution that food cooks much more quickly with less energy. Ceramic coated pan is one of these pans that you will use every day for eggs to browning your favorite chop. Die-cast aluminum cookware is certified ptfe and pfoa-free, which means healthy for you and the environment. Ptfe-polytetrafluoroethane and pfoa-perfluorooctanoic acid is chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of non-stick cookware coatings and other products. It is not present in finished cookware products and there are no health risks from these chemicals in cookware.

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