Your Holiday Wish List

Your Holiday Wish List

By: Daryl Jedreann V. Dauden


If there’s one love language evident during holidays, it is definitely “GIVING.” There's a certain fulfillment in us whenever we give, especially when the purpose is to make significant people in our lives happy. But this year, let's try to flip the coin because a giver like you deserve all the love in the world! And if we are going to listen to your heart even closer, we know you also have wants and needs listed within its walls. Hey! We feel and hear them too – no more hiding! Some in the lists are sure to be gadgets and an all-expense-paid trip to your dreamland, while some are simple yet savvy kitchen equipment you have been wishing since forever!


Here are what we think we can find in your wish list:



 Griddle/Grill Pan – We know why this one’s on the list - time and time again, you crave for the tastiest steak of all time and want to perfect the recipe yourself, right? Your sure criteria: versatile grill pan that cooks and bakes evenly, and the ridges must help drain oils (because we are health conscious like that. LOL!) and evenly distribute heat. Now, here’s our take of your dream ceramic and/or cast-iron griddle:

Lagostina Heritage Stainless Steel 11" Grill Pan
Grill Pans & Griddles
Now: $ 149.95 Was:$ 179.99
Staub Cast Iron 10'' Pure Grill - Matte Black
Grill Pans & Griddles
Now: $ 99.95 Was:$ 159.99


dasallas blender collection


Blender – Isn’t a self-cleaning 64-ounce container, radial-cooling, and multi-purpose speed blender a good idea? Now we know why you like to have one. Your criteria: An innovative machine that does it all - from whipping up healthy smoothies and nut-butters, to cooking hot soups and making frozen desserts. We are certain, this one is on the list too!

Vitamix Professional Series 750
Now: $ 548.95 Was:$ 599.00
Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender - Slate
Countertop Blenders
Now: $ 449.95 Was:$ 499.95





Multi-cooker – This one’s making you giddy to have because of its 14 smart programs — soup, meat/stew, bean/chili, poultry, sauté/simmer, rice, multigrain, porridge, steam, slow cook, keep warm, yogurt, manual, and pressure cook, correct? Your criteria: A multi-cooker that can slow-cook, pressure cook and do so much more, plus can be cleaned up a breeze because it doesn't need lots of scrubbing.


Fagor Lux 6-Quart Multi-Cooker - Champange

Electric Pressure Cookers

$ 139.95
Zavor Lux Multi Cooker 8-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cookers

Now: $ 139.95 Was:$ 219.95

 dasallas_coffeemaker collection


Coffee Maker/Machine - Coffee pleasure means everything in the world to you! There is no good in the morning without freshly ground (not capsuled, please!) coffee brewing in a bit! Only a premium coffee machine can make full-bodied, aromatic classic coffee drinks, and trend in one for you. Your criteria: A user-friendly coffee machine that gives an impressive range of specialties that is not hard to clean. Made sense?




A Non-Stick Cookware Set – Having a complete set of cookware in your kitchen would give a total breather in your cooking experience. While the earlier is true, a durable, strong, stylish, light and non-resistant set like what we usually see in big kitchens of well-known chefs’ cooking shows is another. We think all these criteria in a cookware set is a must to all kitchen enthusiasts like you!


Scanpan HaptIQ 10 Pc. Cookware Set
Fry & Sauté Pans
Now: $ 799.95 Was:$ 999.95


dasallas knife block collection


Knife Block Set - There's something about owning solid, high-quality kitchen knives that makes you feel irresistible in the kitchen. An excellent knife makes one cook like a pro. That’s why we completely understand why this is a highlight on your wish list. Your criteria: a great quality kitchen knife set that doesn’t compromise comfort and toughness at the same time.



dutch oven

Dutch Oven - Ah, that mighty Dutch oven! It is a cookware that can do multiple cooking processes – it braises, it bakes, it occasionally holds our onions when we run out of space in the pantry. This is one of the most essential pieces of cookware in our kitchen and we heard and got you on this one! Your criteria: a deep pot made of heavy cast-iron with an equally heavy and tight-fitting lid. They can also be coated with enamel to make the surface non-reactive to acidic foods.


Staub Cast Iron 4-Quart Round Cocotte - Burnt Orange
Dutch Ovens
Now: $ 149.95 Was:$ 284.99
Staub Cast Iron 7-Quart Round Cocotte - Dark Blue
Dutch Ovens
Now: $ 319.95 Was:$ 379.99

 nonstick bakeware


Non-stick Bakeware Set – For baking, the right skill, the fresh ingredients, and the best equipment are to look out to. We know that you aim to be a skilled baker and create scrumptious baked goodies like bread, cupcakes, and cookies that’s why this is on your list. To accomplish this goal, a complete and excellent bakeware set must be present in the kitchen. Your criteria: a non-stick, made from durable heavy-gauge steel and has silicone handles for safe use. It must also be easy to clean and maintain.




New Dinnerware – You may be needing just enough plates for your family or enough to set the table for the entire extended family and friends for every occasion. Or you also have in mind that though it is not handy to store more dishes that is needed, you still desire a few extra so you won’t be needing to be in a rush to buy. Whatever your reasons are, we are here to help. Your criteria: dinnerware set that works for your most meaningful occasions and will fit for the special events you plan. They must also be sturdy enough to put up with moderate to everyday use and do not heat up too much in the microwave. Also, some of you may like the ones with designs to add it to his/her collection displayed within their precious dinnerware China cabinets.





Cool Kettle – Your kettle needs an upgrade and we were not surprised just in case this is on the list. With the ability to heat water faster than a microwave or any stovetop, we believe you deserve to have a premium grade, top-quality kitchen utility that comes in an array of vibrant exciting colors like the ones trending now! Your criteria: a kettle with a high-quality stainless steel body that fights rust and is ultra-durable for longer use than the latter you are using at the moment.


You may not find what you are looking for on this list but don't you worry, our website is up and about 24/7! Also, we would love to hear your ideas about your wishes this holiday, and other readers would too!



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