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Why an Automatic Coffee Machine?

Why an Automatic Coffee Machine? 0

With a JURA Automatic Coffee Machine you can choose from the virtually unlimited selection of fresh coffee beans available, according to your taste. You can treat yourself to an exclusive roast from a delicatessen, sample a rarity found on a trip abroad, or try a value product from your local supermarket. Our machines are built to get the best out of each blend and roast.
How to Clean a Grill Pan

How to Clean a Grill Pan 0

Le Creuset grill pans are dishwasher-safe, but we recommend hand washing with these easy to follow steps:

- How to Clean a Grill Pan from Le Creuset Copyright ©2023

Your 2022 Kitchen Must-Haves

Your 2022 Kitchen Must-Haves 0

Every year, there’s a certain goal everyone wants to accomplish. What’s yours?
Dad, We've Got You Covered!

Dad, We've Got You Covered! 0

Let’s make Father’s Day a more meaningful and healthier as we spend more time at home with our loved ones.
Flavorful Lockdown

Flavorful Lockdown 0

Turn boredom into a flavorful fiesta as you conquer COVID-19 together at home!
Dear Busybeee, Be Healthy

Dear Busybeee, Be Healthy 0

How have you been? While reading this, you must’ve gotten home from work, trying to relax before bed.


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