Real Talk, Let's Do Detox!

Real Talk, Let's Do Detox! 0

Happy New Year! How is 2020 treating you? Here at DaSallas, your health is a priority. As 2019 has passed, it’s always everyone's new year goal to start it healthy. And don’t worry – if there’s a setback, there is always a comeback because we are committed to helping you start it with your fluid intake. No! This is not like what you are suspecting. This is not that all-green kind of drink you have in mind! For one, we recommend these beverages since they are said to be the best ways of healing from eating too much for the past few occasions. Plus, it’s bright and easy to make! Let’s get started!
Your Holiday Wish List

Your Holiday Wish List 0

If there’s one love language evident during holidays, it is definitely “GIVING.” There's a certain fulfillment in us whenever we give, especially when the purpose is to make significant people in our lives happy. But this year, let's try to flip the coin because a giver like you deserve all the love in the world! And if we are going to listen to your heart even closer, we know you also have wants and needs listed within its walls.
SPECIAL FEATURE: Great Gifts from a Grateful Heart

SPECIAL FEATURE: Great Gifts from a Grateful Heart 0

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at DaSalla's! I hope we transcend the same impression as we grace this new season with a thankful heart. Most of us are looking forward to the holiday break, as some host and others attend family reunions like we all always do. While loving is in the air, giving must be within our senses too. And so, we say yes to the question, “Is it that season yet?”

Dark is BREWtiful

Dark is BREWtiful 0

They say that a coffee that goes beyond your throat and reaches deep within is a good kind of coffee. Now that it’s beginning to feel a lot colder and in some places, the snow has started to take a toll of them, expect that people will drink a lot more coffee than they do for the rest of the year. Too often, sugary coffee lovers flock famous coffee shops around town but missing out on the essence of authentic black coffee.

Beware, Cook it with Care!

Beware, Cook it with Care! 0

Admit it, we all want an Instagram-able dish to share with our loved ones, but we can only meet this goal by having the right knives for the proper purpose (check out our previous blog: The Right Blade for the Right Job)You may be handling a useful tool in your kitchen, behold, it is deadly when it’s misused. So, before a knife can give you a serious injury, take these safety tips seriously!
The Right Blade for the Right Job

The Right Blade for the Right Job 0

Whether you’re an expert or a chef-wanna-be, you know what a good cutlery has to offer to every cooking experience. Moreover, an excellent knife is important from every food preparation to an exemplary presentation. However, knowing all the knives in the market right now, how do we identify which one to buy? Be careful, our tips might get you to start collecting them all!



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