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WMF's promise:

As the leading premium manufacturer of cutlery, tableware and kitchen products for home and gastronomy and fully automatic coffee machines for professional use, we relentlessly aim to deliver:

- Innovative products of highest quality with sophisticated design and outstanding functionality
- A pleasurable and inspiring multi-channel shopping experience, be it in our own retail, or at one of our trade partners or digitally
- Best in class after sales service

WMF Fry & Sauté Pans

Frying pans

Sizzling and frying with WMF
Meat, fish or vegetables — you can fry and stew all manner of foods to perfection in our frying pans. WMF frying pans deliver great results, with or without a coating.

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WMF Pots

Pots from WMF - versatile cookware made from Cromargan®

Delicious dishes – day after day
Whether you are cooking pasta or side dishes, stewing vegetables or meat – pots in different sizes are now an integral part of the kitchen.

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WMF Pressure cookers

Pressure cookers

Quick and intelligent cooking
The pressure cooker is ideal for: making soups and stews, searing and stewing meat, and stewing or steaming vegetables, fish and poultry.

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WMF brings pleasure into your life.

Gourmet moment: Cooking!

Let it bubble, steam and splutter! Now the cooking can begin. The meat is spluttering in the frying pan, the vegetables are cooking gently and there is steam and sizzling in all corners of the room. WMF's innovative pots and frying pans are real team players in the kitchen and offer perfect support to all keen cooks. Cooking is a pleasure and a passion that can be truly experienced with WMF.



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