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chef's Choice Sharperners

Behind every good knife, is a sharp edge and a great sharpener! Chef’sChoice® electric sharpeners are world renowned for quality, ease of use and applying better than factory sharp edges. We have an electric sharpener for every sharpening need—from restoring 15° and 20° edges to sharpening serrated and ceramic edges.

Food Slicer
Our electric food slicers are ideal for buying in bulk, enjoying the taste of freshly sliced foods, cutting calories, portion control and uniform slicing for serving elegant platters when entertaining family and friends!

chef's Choice waffle Makers

waffle MAKERS

Pastries can be made fresh, flavorful and at anytime, anywhere with our baking appliances!
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chef's Choice Hot beverage Appliances


See our quality electric kettles from precise temperature kettles to double wall vacuum, we serve it hot.
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chef's Choice Egg Cooker


The Egg cooker, soft and hard boils and poaches so you can have your eggs, "eggs-actly" as you like them!
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