GALentine's Day, Everyday

GALentine's Day, Everyday

By: Daryl Jedreann V. Dauden

As we celebrate International Women’s Day here at DaSalla's, we pay tribute to the ones who courageously gave birth and raise the next leaders, game changers, and love givers. We celebrate the ones who embrace their individuality and know that they were born to make history. We remember the efforts of all women who knew that the world needs her: a strong person who can lift and build others, a strong person who can lift and build others from the love she is given and returned. To women who moved mountains, pushed their limits, and who didn’t take a no for an answer, we salute you!

Now we call forth the modern women of this generation: those who were given the title as "The Next Big Shot." The time is now and the crown is yours! Stand tall for all that you are - not what the media or whoever tells you to be. Always remember that YOU exist today because you are important and you are worth it! Here are 5 life-changing quotes you can ponder and goal-changing kitchen equipment you can own to discover and nourish who you are! Happy International Women's Day!

“Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re weak because you’re a woman.” - Mary Kom

“The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.” - Ayn Rand

Any woman would love a coffee and teacups, plus these adorable purple bottle:

Le Creuset 12-Ounce Mug - Metallic Provence

Le Creuset 12-Ounce Mug - Metallic Provence

Price: $17.95

Thermos 24-Ounce Tritan Hydration Bottle With Meter, Purple

Thermos 24-Ounce Tritan Hydration Bottle, Purple

Price: $13.95

LifeFactory 12oz Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve and Classic Cap, Iris

LifeFactory 12oz Glass Water Bottle, Iris

Price: $17.95

“To tell a woman everything she cannot do is to tell her what she can.” - Spanish Proverb

“There's no limit to which, what we, as women can accomplish.” - Michelle Obama

Here are adorable and colorful knives for the coolest women you love:



“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” - Hillary Clinton

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman but the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” - Melinda Gates

Let them season, cook and do their smoothies in purple too:

“A woman should be two things: who and what she wants.” - Coco Chanel

“Women themselves have the right to live in dignity, in freedom from want and freedom from fear. On this International Women’s Day, let us rededicate ourselves to making that a reality.” - Kofi Annan

These on flick kettles will surely be a winner to the women you love and for you as well:


Chantal 1.7-Quarts Enamel-On-Steel Vintage Teakettle

Price: $49.95


Circulon 2-Quart Morning Bird Teakettle

Price: $49.95


Staub Cast Iron 1-Quart Round Tea Kettle

Price: $189.95

Finally, we call forth the new generation of girls who are clever to know what and are not afraid to ask others how. We take pride in the modern girls who engage in urgent issues of today and are unafraid of the odds that are against them. We stand with the Millenial women who can thrive in the crowd yelling "NO!" or the group of bystanders. Today, we need the young gals of the present-day who are curious to know all possibilities and are ambitious to know the new to be awakened. We plea for those girls who are not afraid of the realities of life and can still give a good fight. We cry out for young women who are not afraid of hard work and are determined to shine their brightest in the darkness.

Hence, we who exist before them must discover and secure their potentials and remind them that their purpose and dreams are counted. More than the bags, glams, and blings, be a unique kind of a queen! DaSalla’s stands with us!

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