Dear Busybeee, Be Healthy

Dear Busybeee, Be Healthy

By: Daryl Jedreann V. Dauden


Dear Hardworking Go-getter,

How have you been? While reading this, you must’ve gotten home from work, trying to relax before bed. Juggling two or three jobs can be emotionally and physically draining especially when handling both one's personal and professional life. Yeah – the struggle is real! This nutrition month, we think it’s time to move our lenses to your needs and personal care. So, let’s face it – you have been overworked. Despite your hardworking efforts; your priorities have become bigger than your personal priority: yourself. Here’s the point – at Dasalla's we believe our customers should treat themselves first. Let’s begin with:

Treat yourself out.

Time out! Stop wearing “work” as a badge of honor. Instead, slow down and make time to do what matters: You and the ones you love. By the end of the day; we're usually exhausted, we tend to just eat when able or eat to a nearby fast-food chain instead of preparing your meal. Why not this time, make time for yourself and your beloved. Plan a meal together every week and buy them at the nearest market/grocery stores that offer fresh and organic vegetables and meat. You don’t just get a good meal; you will get quality time with the people you love.

For a more fashionable way of doing your grocery, here are Packit’s stylish, user and eco-friendly shopping bags and coolers:

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To prepare the healthiest meal, the list of the healthiest cookware is here:

How to do this:
   Allocate a couple of hours to your schedule for a grocery weekend/day. Sunday is a good idea but we also encourage you to pick Wednesday to break that busy tone on your timeline. An hour or two will make all the difference to your body and so does your heart!

Please pack your lunch.

This one’s a win-win idea! From the shopping you did in the grocery and cooking, you can pack the healthiest food you want for you and/or your family. You can eat a proper portion of your chosen healthy meal. And here’s one more thing we cannot miss- you will save a LOT of money for doing so. Now your body and bank account are healthy!

Dasallas Tip: Be intentional! Prepare your loved one’s food and put a short but sweet note right on top of your Joseph Joseph food containers:

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Stay hydrated.

We are expected to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily but since most of us over-work, especially during Mondays to Wednesdays, why not add a few more. Just like your cellphone, please bring your water bottles/cups everywhere even during meetings. Have an hourly alarm to remind you of your liquid intake and so refilling your containers. Have a goal of how much water you need to consume every day. Why not take it a challenge and set your alarm to drink at the amount of water you decide up to 5 P.M. Game? We believe this will encourage you to keep up with your hydration. 

Drink in style with Life Factory’s BPA-Free water bottles:



Stretch. Walk. Gym.

For those whose offices are just walking distance away from home, make the most of it! A 15 to 30-minute walk a day is good enough. Match it with twice to thrice a week of Zumba classes or a 30-minute gym. If you are commuting or driving your way to work, traffic can ruin your day. Why not shift your mood and alter waiting to something productive like going to a nearby gym? Surely by the time you’re done with the gym, the traffic will have subsided. You may decide to get your sweat on first thing in the morning. You may also opt to do it immediately after work.

More chic and BPA-Free water bottles for you here:

Your mindset is a priority, TOO.


Taking care of your mind is just as important as caring for your body - one can’t be healthy without the other. Think only of the good – stick with it and do it. Refrain from replaying the past because there is no future in the past. Instead, forgive yourself, forgive others, and learn from others and learn from your own mistakes. Pay attention to what and how you are feeling. Put a limit to work – if you need to clock out at 5 P.M. then never go another minute longer in your office desk (not unless it’s requested OT that doesn’t happen regularly). Observe and listen to your body and do not trade comfort and health over anything. 

Finally, you are you and there is nothing more important than your well-being! Hate is too heavy to carry – shackles off and love anyway! You are born to love and to be loved! Be free, busy-bee!


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