Flavorful Lockdown

Flavorful Lockdown

To get through COVID-19, we need to rely on each other — even if that means a text message of support from one socially distancing household to another or ordering them food online to be delivered right at their doorsteps. We also need to permit ourselves to muddle through it the best we can. So here are home-cooking ideas you can try and the best items you may avail to help you lighten up your loads.


Le Creuset Cookware Set and Dinnerware



Turn boredom into a flavorful fiesta as you conquer COVID-19 together at home! Who would not love the simplicity of Mexican food – an always-trendy cuisine that fuses native Mesoamerican cooking with Spanish influence. With Le Creuset Cookware Set and Mexican dishes, a powerful flavor with its spices and colorful vegetable combinations can brighten up a day.

A Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Bake with Avo Dip and Corn Salsa

Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Bake with Avo Dip and Corn Salsa is a good startup!

This true-breakfast-for-the-champions dish is egg-based and will wake your day up in the best possible way and will satisfy someone’s hunger until lunch! Add up its nutrition benefits that make everybody fit and healthy.

Dasalla’s Tip: In order to crisp up the tortilla, put it in a dry and large pan over a high heat. We recommend a Le Creuset Cast Iron pan for this tip.


You cannot miss out on this: Chilli Con Carne! Beef mince and red kidney beans boost the protein content, while spices add zip and flavour. Serve with hot taco shells and guacamole, we are sure, everybody cannot get enough of this.


Dasalla’s Tip: Serve this perfect meal with Le Creuset’s vibrant dinnerware set to get your family to a positive and festive tone.


Vitamix and Blendtec for your Mole


Count your favorite Holy Mole into the list and never crave any spicy food any longer. The secret to this classic dish is all of the wonderful ingredients that make up mole sauce: including cinnamon, anise, coriander, chile peppers, and, of course, Mexican chocolate. Aside from Chicken Chocolate Mole, Mole Poblano is also made of traditional sauce featuring a hint of chocolate.

Dasalla’s Tip: The word “mole” derives from the Aztecs’ molli (or mulli), which just means “sauce.”

To do this, we need a little help from our trusted and most favorite blenders - Vitamix and Blendtec. These blenders make more than that of your favorite smoothie. They also make the best soup and the hottest salsa you could ever crave for. So if we speak about Moles of all kind, we believe, these blenders will make a superb version. And don’t forget about your Margarita on the side.

Zavor Multicooker


For your Chili Con Carne. BBQ pork Ribs, Vegetarian Black Bean Chili, Taco Dips, and other kinds of Mexican foodstuffs, we run to Zavor Multicooker’s multitasking abilities. With Zavor’s superpowers, a tasteful lockdown is possible without pressure. Their unique products offer a simple and healthy approach to cooking that allows users to create a delicious array of meals that are sure to bring the family together.

J.A. Henckel’s International Knife Set


Back to the basics – the dishes we have included in this blog need to be prepared with precision. Sharp knives are imperative and scissors are of great help when cleaning dry chiles and other cooking essentials. Because of this, we encourage that you invest in a knife block set because this is the most important and practically indispensable tool in the kitchen not just during this pandemic but for the rest of our lives. We suggest that you consider J.A. Henckel’s International’s top-selling knives that are accurately sharp and comfortable:

Livia’s Seasoning


Delicious on grilled foods, veggies, avocados, eggs, corn on the cob, seafood, soups, salads, cottage cheese, pizza, pasta, popcorn, and more, Livia’s Seasoning is the go-to for any dish. We recommend this 3-in-1 seasoning as it has all your taste buds are after – Kosher Salt, Coarse Black Pepper, and Garlic Salt.

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