How to Clean and Care for Copper Cookware

How to Clean and Care for Copper Cookware

While copper cookware is known to be the best at heat conduction, it requires more maintenance than other types of cookware. Nevertheless, it is fine to let the exterior of a copper cookware darken (verdigris), but in order to retain the warm beautiful glow that coppers have, a quality polish is recommended.

Cleaning the interior:

However, it is important to note that removing the verdigris inside the cookware is essential. To this you will need the following:

-vinegar mixed with salt


-lemon sprinkled with salt

Pick either one of the two and rub it on the cookware until the verdigris is removed.

For iron-handled pan:

Rust may form is your pan’s handle is made of iron. To remove the rust simply scrub it with a light gauge steel wool. Then lightly oil it.


-DO NOT use the dishwasher when cleaning your copper cookware

-DO NOT use any soap that contains bleach since it is corrosive.

Following these steps will extend the lifespan of your cookware.

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