My In-home Barista

My In-home Barista


In the mornings, I don’t like getting up early to make coffee, neither do I like to line up and wait for my coffee at my nearest Starbucks or any branded coffee shop that are overpriced. In the past, I’ve bought myself countless types of basic coffee machines, but the end product never satisfies my taste buds. I’ve talk to my friends who are coffee fanatics and they had recommended me this machine called the Jura Z6. I’ve searched online and I finally bought one from this website. At first, I was overwhelmed with the price because it was a little bit expensive. I was also skeptical because I did not want to invest in something that would not last me long. However, I ended up loving the Jura Z6. It is like having your own personal barista at home. The machine is what you would call “bean to cup” machine. You would put the bean in the designated container and with a single touch from the screen you will be able to make the drink that you instantly want from the machine’s menu (yes, the machine can make various different types of coffee recipes, but I’ll have to blog about that for another time).



The best part is that this machine comes with a mobile app, so you can make your coffee without being in front of the machine (just make sure you don’t forget to put in a cup). As for maintenance all you have to do is replace the water and milk daily and you're all set. So now, before I go to bed, I would put in the beans, milk if it’s low, and in a mug to collect my coffee. In the mornings, I would just use my phone to go to the Jura app, press the button to activate the machine to make coffee, and when it signals me that it is ready, I walk to the machine with my freshly brewed hot coffee. Yum.

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