Why Should You Give Someone A Lé Creuset Dutch Oven

Why Should You Give Someone A Lé Creuset Dutch Oven

Searching for a gift is always a hassle for me since I am usually very picky especially if the gift is for someone that I care for. With Mother’s Day is coming up, I did not know what to give for my mother; that is until I attended this family gathering. A few weeks ago, I went to an Easter party that my cousin hosted. The party was small which only consisted of immediate family members. For the party, she had cooked some of her delicious food that everyone loved. Although the food was delicious, what caught my eye was how she presented her food. Her special dish was placed in this beautiful dutch oven pot (I did not know what they were called so at first I thought it was just a pot) that was in a shade of baby pink color with cherry blossoms in it.

It also somehow kept the dish warm even though there was no source of heat that can be seen. Before I left the party, I talked to her and eventually asked her what her pot was. It turned out to be a Lé Creuset, which was the first time I have ever heard of the brand since I rarely cook. That night, I decided to search online to see where I can find purchase one. I found them at this website which was very convenient since there were many different sizes and they also sold different types of cookware from pots to skillets, but the main thing was that they were all made of out enamel cast iron. Lé Creuset, a cookware company that started out in France, specialized in enameled cast iron cookware. This type of cookware can apparently keep temperatures even while cooking and that their super tight lids keeps the moisture in; in other words, this will make your cooking experience and the food better. Learning this information, I was more eager to purchase one for myself.  While I was searching, I suddenly got the idea that I should gift one to my mother for this Mother’s Day. There were so many colors to choose from that it overwhelmed me from choosing the right one.

In the end, I decided to pick a dutch oven in the color, Provence for my mother which will hopefully remind her of that summer fragrant lavender bush in our yard. As for myself, I ended up ordering the color, Marseille which was perfect because of the color and it’s very multifunctional.

Ever since I have received my dutch oven, I have learned to bake bread, braise meat and cook soup/stews. Furthermore, the biggest advantage was that I do not have to use a different container to make my food presentable, the pot itself will do that for you. This product will create a positive attention whenever I have some visitors. From this, I’m sure that my mother will like too and use this to cook as well as showcase her food in it. 


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  • Why Should You Give Someone A Lé Creuset Dutch Oven


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